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Bimanual Occupational Therapy (BOT)

Bimanual occupational therapy is the “The process of learning bimanual hand skills through the repetitive use of carefully chosen, goal related, two-handed activities that provoke specific bimanual actions and behaviors” (Hoare, 2014; unpublished).

The bimanual therapy program (BOT) is based on the highest quality and most current research evidence. This program targets the development of specific hand skills and motor planning abilities using repetitive practice of bimanual activities. Treatment is underpinned by components of motor learning and cognitive-based motor intervention. The child will be taught to plan the task before motor performance, direct motor movement through self-commands and guide, and to monitor and control their own motor performance. The 8-week program includes the provision of individualized, once weekly, centre-based treatment sessions of 60 minutes duration. Parents / caregivers are required to implement a home based program for the duration of the program.